Saturday, February 2, 2013

Happy Birthday, NFM!

…From: Peter D.G. Brown, 
Who says that TT faculty can't be important allies in the struggle for equity?

Four years ago today, I put out a call on this e-mail list (see copy below), convening activists around the country to forge a new national organization. It soon adopted the name New Faculty Majority and quickly became an important voice for contingent faculty around the country
Congratulations to all who have worked so hard to build what is the only national organization to advocate exclusively for contingent equity! A special word of deep appreciation and admiration goes out to Maria Maisto, who has served in leadership position since our earliest beginnings in 2009.
Best wishes to all as NFM enters its fifth year ~Peter

Ed note: What about a Peter D.G. Brown Award for tenured faculty? His support went well beyond just nudging. A willingness to cross boundaries or herd cats in a good cause should always be recognized. Nominations, anyone?

Peter D.G. Brown, Chapter President, United University Professions 
Distinguished Service Professor Emeritus
New Paltz, NY 12561

Subject:  [adj-l] forging a new national organization
Date:  Mon, 02 Feb 2009 12:04:21 -0500
Dear All,
I would now like to move ahead with forging a yet-to-be-named organization with the working title of National Coalition for Adjunct Equity (NCAE). The first step will be to invite known activists interested in working on forming such an organization to serve on an organizing committee. As currently envisioned, the coalition would eventually be governed by a Board of Directors, while other individuals would be invited to serve on an Advisory Board. […]

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