Friday, February 8, 2013

academe on the brink

…a stroll through academic culture & how it looks outside the Ivory Silo™ as well as from the inside…Sunday reading, time enough another day for the difficult, weighty and unpleasantly tangled plus more agreeable relevant professional announcements ~ more on 

  • IRS weighing in on ACA and PTF workload (cadres of the unhappy no matter how it goes), 
  • Green River CC intra-union conflict (oh noes, not again, but yes: uglier, more divisive, increasingly less conducive to civil discourse + gratuitous sideswipes at NFM), 
  • @FutureofHE working papers on funding higher ed, 
  • rounding off with calls for papers and upcoming conferences with contingent faculty sessions, even whole conferences just for us. 
So read on and enjoy. I'll do the same...

new issue of Academe is out. Amy Laitinen on the curious birth and harmful legacy of the credit hour (and a defense). The secret lives of faculty: A biker, a baker, a photograph maker? Professors can look very different when they’re outside the classroom. 
What are low-ranked graduate programs good for? Too many Ph.D. programs are too focused on what's going on above them. The internet is placing the academe on the brink of a dramatic disruption that is liberating yet potentially devastating. 
Sex in the meritocracy: Helen Rittelmeyer on how performance anxiety, not hedonism, motivates Yale’s sexual culture. Hamilton Nolan on the ludicrous mythology that Christian colleges teach as fact. Joseph Martin reviews Punkademics: The Basement Show in the Ivory Tower. A tragic past and a loaded gun: Patrick Radden Keefe on mass shooter Amy Bishop, a neurobiologist at the University of Alabama in Huntsville.
"academe on the brink" at the book forum's blog, omnivore

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