Saturday, January 12, 2013

NLRB issues another complaint against @EWUChicago

…we call for a letter writing campaign & your support for United Adjunct Association at EWU and Curtis Keyes, our Chicago board member, chapter organizer and determined organizer... blogged about here for his determined struggle, first to organize EWU adjunct faculty and since then to gain EWU's acceptance of the union. Yet again, EWU is trying to get NRLB rulings to recognize the union and not place continual obstacles in their way. Here's the latest, NRLB complaint (attached below). Curtis writes, 
Dear Sisters and Brothers,
You'll find the latest NLRB complaint against East-West University in the attachment. We go back to Labor Board court on Feb 4. The East-West struggle is truly a battle for contingent faculty rights. I'm doing my best to hold on and keep fighting. Happy 2013 to all!
Bro. Curtis

I asked what we could do to help, suggesting that I post contact information for administration and ask readers to write the administration in support of UAFA, the United Adjunct Association at EWU. Also, since EWU retaliated against the organizers by not rehiring them, there's a petition about that to sign and leave a comment on. For more backstory, check out a few EWU posts here on the blog, a 2011 NEA Today article and a recent article in Academe, the AAUP blog. 

Curtis replied,
Thanks. The chancellor and provost-treasurer run the school like a bank/business. Here's the listing of East-West administrators and the contact page, with surface mail address, fax number, and email form.
  • EWU on Twitter@EWUChicago (tweet them directly ~ which I just did ~ and mention them in your tweets to send them a copy. Ask your network to RT - retweet)
  • Dr. Lawrence Gorman, Assistant Provost, Director of English and Communications,, 312-939-0111 x 1409
  • Ms. Carolyn J. Fowlkes, Assistant to the Chancellor,, 312-939-0111 x 1808
  • Ms. Asha O. Jackson, Receptionist,, 312-939-0111 x 1800
  • Dr. Madhu Jain, Provost,, 312-939-0111 x 1803
  • Dr. Mohammad Wasiullah Khan, Chancellor,, 312-939-0111 x 1804
  • Dr. Ekkehard-Teja Wilke, Associate Provost,, 312-939-0111 x 2101
So now let's see what we can come up with in the way letter writing, calling, faxing, petition signing, SMS, twitter blitz (student activists have had good results with that) ~ not quite what Amnesty International recommends for starting a letter writing campaign ~ haphazard to be sure but better than not starting one at all. Anyone out there up for writing a letter template?

NLRB Complaint Against EWU 2012.pdf  
Download this file

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