Monday, January 14, 2013

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a fistful of higher ed news links for Jan14. Last iteration forwarded the IHE's Daily News Updates, so this one forwards the Chronicle's Academe Today (scroll down). The timing, however, skirts the intolerable. What would Aaron Swartz say about the pay wall? 

The list keeps growing. Some listed below are also featured on the #NewFac Web 2.0 blogroll, left sidebar. We may move the list to a separate page, alphabetized, and return to shorter "HE newsies" posts. 

Even so, we're still on the lookout for more higher ed newsletters, preferably online, sans pay wall. 
  • Guardian Higher Education Network publishes a weekly newsletter, available by email and online.
  • Inside HigherEd publishes a Daily News Update and, at the end of the week, a Weekly News Update. Both are available by email subscription and rss subscription (this takes some of the load off your inbox)
  • Joe Berry's Cocal Updates, minus the big text chunks reposted from email, newsletters, group discussions and other link bereft sources appear regularly on Workplace, the Chicago COCAL page and adj-l
  • AHA Today, news from the American Historical Society
  • Contingent Academics Mailing List, better known as adj-l, also styled "COCAL International Listserv," email subscription only, no rss, online archives (with gaps) available to subscribers
  • THE (Times Higher Education, UK)
  • OLDaily (links + comments, primarily education and technology, from Steven Downes, by email and on rss, weekly edition also available)\
  • Adjunct Nation, many but not all articles behind pay wall; also on Facebook
  • Workplace: A Journal of Academic Labor, blog, Facebook page + syndicated on NewFac's FB page
  • A is for Adjunct (collected sightings of the academic precariat in cyberspace, curated by Vanessa Vaile + disclaimer: this is my project, independent of NewFac)
and a few blogs more
  • University Diaries, Margaret Soltan (rarely about adjuncts but plenty of dirt on misbehavin' admins and other malfeasance in the academy
... and now, leaving in ads this time for your enlightenment and bemusement...

Chronicle of Higher Education
Academe Today
Monday January 14, 2013

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Today's News
Female Philosophers Shake Up Their Field 1 Female Philosophers Shake Up Their Field
By Robin Wilson
Despite the advent of feminist philosophy decades ago, the discipline is more male-dominated than any other in the humanities. Some women are trying to change that.
Chairman of Morgan State's Regents Blames President for Discord on Board
By Eric Kelderman
The president, who was fired and then given a contract extension in December, is also accused of misplaced priorities and a lack of commitment.
Faculty Rights
Panel Rejects UC-Davis Faculty Senate's Charges of Retaliation Against Professor
By Peter Schmidt
The professor asserted that university administrators had violated his academic freedom in response to an op-ed he wrote criticizing the Davis medical school.
Seeking Enrollment Boost, Wilson College Will Admit Men 1 Seeking Enrollment Boost, Wilson College Will Admit Men
By Lawrence Biemiller
The decision came despite anguished protests by some alumnae and students. The goal is to increase enrollment, now below 700, to about 1,500 by 2020.
The Ticker
Computer Activist Accused of Rogue Downloading Commits Suicide
Aaron H. Swartz was accused of stealing articles through a computer concealed at MIT. The university is investigating its role in the case.
The Chronicle Review
'Django' Untangled: the Legend of the Bad Black Man 1 'Django' Untangled: the Legend of the Bad Black Man
By Scott Reynolds Nelson
Whether Quentin Tarantino knows it or not, his movie relies on tropes that have long been part of the African-American memory of slavery and its aftermath.
Lingua Franca
Being an Adjective
The presentation of English grammar to the public is in a bad way, says Geoff Pullum. Just look (for instance) at the thousands of sites on the Web that endorse a definition of "adjective" that makes no sense.
The Conversation
The Death of Shared Governance at the U. of Southern California
The recent discrimination complaint filed against the university by a professor who was denied tenure has revealed just how top-down things have become, writes Tania Modleski, a faculty member there.
First Person
We Know You Can Read. So Can We. 1 We Know You Can Read. So Can We.
By Larry Cebula
In which I sit through a conference panel and do not obtain enlightenment.
On Hiring
A professor describes a fun and engaging way to improve students' vocabulary and outside-the-box thinking.
Introducing the Adjunct Project 2.0
We invite you to explore this expanded crowdsourcing service from The Chronicle created by adjuncts, for adjuncts. Research salaries, get advice, and submit your own data. Browse the site.
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