Thursday, January 3, 2013

#MLA13 #S112

…a significant event & busy day for #adjunct/ency today, and not just MLA & AHA...As for the other stories, you'll just have to wait for them. Tomorrow has another major, don't miss adjunct relevant session too. Meanwhile, catch up with general higher ed news with the Inside HigherEd Daily Newsletter.

For now, it's all about, #S112 The Presidential Forum: Avenues of Access: Non-Tenure-Track Faculty Members and American Higher Education, Thursday, 3 January, 5:15–7:00 p.m., Constitution Ballroom, Sheraton.

Session Description: 
This session will discuss and review recent efforts to address the working conditions of faculty members off the tenure track and will ask what those working conditions mean for the future of American higher education. If, as the New Faculty Majority slogan has it, faculty working conditions are student learning conditions, then how should we seek to improve those conditions without devaluing the work that non-tenure-track faculty members do?
Here's an #S112 Storify (long but could have been longer). Special thanks to virtuoso tweeps, Brian Croxall, Roger Whitsun and Lee Bessette for making this Storify possible and packed with  tweetalicious goodness.

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  1. Thanks for the connection, Anna Marie. I also do a blog at LiveJournal (mostly for content I then TWEET)


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