Saturday, January 19, 2013

Livetweeting 4th #CFHE Gathering, Sacto CA

…more to come, plus a Storify, more images (which I had to delete as they did not display well with quick copy/paste ~ taking tweet links with them). Check agenda for afternoon speakers. With any luck, we may get a peek at the new website

  •  Cmnt by : do not 4get that tuition is not only obstacle. Must remember STRUCTURAL obstacle of disinvestmt. Tuition /= cost

      's Judy Olson: we need 2 take long view - free hi ed. Joe Berry: our job is 2 inspire stus, others to ID w/ wkng class

     Comments: PIF lots unintended consequences: pits diff income levels against each other, will lead 2 more casualization of labor force

     PIF generates much discussion, much on unintended consequences. The room desperately wants a way to provide affordable HEd 
  •  - Comment: PIF cannot be evaluated without input from Latino, AfAm communities, low income communities.
  •  John Halcon on pay it forward. We shld poll our communities about these issues. 
  • Maria Maisto ‏@MariaMaistoNFM
     JBurbank response: PIF reduces barriers 2 access. Challenges exist, can be addressed. More disc. Impt, lively discussion taking place
    1.  Q: does PIF reinforce neoliberal agenda? Does it actually end rationale 4 hi ed as public good and discourage public funding 4 hi ed?
    2.  Is "pay it forward" simply a fee for service model? And does it only apply to lower and working families, not to rich?
    3.  "Pay it forward" model does not make for st debt/default. Is it a neo-liberal model that ends rationale for public funding.
    4.  Pay It Forward (PIF) can be called an "insurance model" that provides benefit 1st. Part's pay % of l8r income to fill fund
    5.  Burbank goes to "Take It Back", talking progressive tax program to generate more income for states
    6.   JacksonP: now are partnering with hed locals in Chi/Ill. Parents/neighborhds have interest in both. 
    7.  Pay It Forward reconnects to notion of higher ed as public good not just priv transaction. Contribs tied to income BUT....
    8.  Pros/cons Pay it Forward funding model for higher Ed under discussion at CFHE @APSCUFSteve @garyrhoades 
    9.    JPotter fr  lays b4 us the chance to talk abt organizing & creating toolbox for comm bldg
    10.  Jackson Potter on engaging neighborhood & labor groups to empower union & keep public ed open.   It's hed's battle too.
    11.  Pay it forward discussion part of effort to look at alternatives to myth of "new normal" and politics of "austerity" in HE.
    12.  CTU leader roadmaps strategies for engaging members, connecting local concerns to ntl neo-liberal patterns of disinvestment.
    13.   AM session starts with a bang. Chgo Teach union transform their union. Members & community togthr secret weapons to win.
    14.  JBurbank: when we had growing middle class, hi ed thrived. 1980: assault on mid class began, w/ well known repercussions.
    15.  new paradigms 4 funding hi ed.first up: John Burbank on Pay It Forward/Take It Back

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    16.  Agenda, Jan 18-20 Gathering Fourth National Gathering, Campaign for the Future of Higher Education Sacra...

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