Wednesday, December 26, 2012

The Year in Ed-Tech

…via @AudreyWatters, Hack Education Weekly Newsletter, No. 30The Year in Ed-Tech. This is just the opening salvo for "the year in education" posts, and, like it or not, most will be about ed tech, elearning, platforms, innovations (disruptive and otherwise). Do try to get up to speed, at least minimally. 

Don't be like the jock in your class who does not do the reading because he hates lit. Picking  up 2nd hand opinions from higher ed media or a single recommended blog doesn't count either. That's doing it Cliff Notes style. Yes, read them but read more too. The alternative reminds me of those conservative "better dead than red" high school debaters in the 50s who argued so zealously against recognizing Red China. They either grew up or became neocons. Which are are you?

Following the Hack Education blog, newsletter or twitter stream is a  good start. Audrey writes, 

’Tis the season for the flurries of blog posts listing “The Best,” “The Top,” "The Most Important," and “Our Favorite” stories (and apps and photos and movies and songs and so on) of 2012. '

I’ve done my part (for which I do apologize, as I really hate list posts), finally wrapping up this week my annual review of the year's major trends in education technology.

My Top 10: (business, MOOCs, platforms, politics, flipping, learning to code, learning analytics, open education resources, and more)

Read it at Hack Education Weekly Newsletter, No. 30

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