Thursday, December 27, 2012

The Best CFP You’ll Ever Get: Help Make a Quittas Book/Site

…group blog mama nervosa in the feed reader's "leaving academia" folder is making an offer no post_ac (or would that be xAc? also aka 'quitta') can or should refuse. Leaving has become an increasing more openly faced and realistically discussed option. "Quitting" no longer carries the same, if any stigma, whether alt_ac, lateral or a 180° ... just another option. Leaving academia stories belong in the corpus of adjunct narratives just as much as any other stories we have to tell and share. 

The Best CFP You’ll Ever Get: Help Us Make a Book/Site for Other Quittas

Me and a couple other post-ac bloggers are going to make a website and e-book for people leaving academia. Because career advice isn’t enough. Because the demand for real stories and practical help is so high. The domain is purchased and outlines are drafted:  now we need your help.

Me, JC @ From Grad School to Happiness, Jet from Ruminations, and Currer from Project Reinvention are pulling together:
  • a website with practical, peer-to-peer advice for leaving academia on every topic from emotional issues to getting food stamps to revamping your resume
  • an e-book of essays exploring personal stories of leaving academia (a “bath tub book,” as one commenter put it)

We need content for these projects. You are welcome to write something new or submit your favorite blog post. Propose a topic! See the below [at the original mama nervosa post] for full details on the e-book.

The website is less structured. We simply want it to be a “one stop shop” for links and posts on all the questions we ask ourselves while quitting. Get in touch if you have an idea. As soon as we start receiving content (and get a little help setting up the site), it will go live.

Moving On: Personal Stories of Leaving Academia (tentatively titled)
Have you left academia? Or are you currently in the process of leaving? Share your story!

Read the rest and submission details at The Best CFP You’ll Ever Get: Help Us Make a Book/Site for Other Quittas

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