Saturday, December 1, 2012

More @SEIU500CAL #AcademicLabor Forum

Panel 2 – Professor Staff Organizes – addressing contingent faculty working conditions, student impacts, and education policy.
  • Esther Merves, Research Director, New Faculty Majority: New Faculty Majority Back to School Survey, Results and Uses
  • Dan Maxey, Dean's Fellow in Urban Education Policy,  Pullias Center for Higher Education, University of Southern California: Contingent Faculty Working Conditions and Student Success
  • Michael Best, SEIU, and Thomas Vadakkeveetil, Strayer University: The 
  • For-profit Education Industry – Organizing for Reform
Lunchtime breakouts followed by Panel 3 – Students Support for Adjunct Faculty Organizing, featuring Ethan Miller and Marisa Allison.


  1. Thank you for the Petition Junction! If we all begin to sign all these, then the rest are sure to follow. This is a great service, keeping these all up front and center, so we can all be very aware of them. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!

  2. Overdue too. I'd been thinking about it for a while. It's longer than I thought it would be. I'd rather not have it taking up so much of the page. There are other options: I may try all of them ~ condensed list on sidebar, separate page, post that I make sticky by reposting to move it back to the top of the page. WordPress has a sticky post feature but not Blogger. As post or separate page, visitors can leave comments, add petition links.

  3. we need a place to comment that makes sense. what do petitions have to with this post?

  4. Agreed. The place for comments now is too far down and gets lost. I almost did not see it. So I agree, Vanessa, with your last statement, where you want to make it as a separate page --but very visible somehow?--where you can leave comments directly with the petitions: that would be great. AND of course linking to the petitions themselves.

    If you make it a sidebar, it usually gets lost; I at least do not pay as much attention to side items and go straight for the meat; I think most people are the same way. So if we want to make people think about "Petition Junction," --catchy title by the way-- your best bet is to have a separate page. And thanks again!

  5. No, just the Facebook addicts, who, granted, are legion but still not my only readers, perhaps not even most. You've heard that old saw about assuming? Not to mention the one about one person's meat being another's poison.

    One reason I have a lot material here is for readers who aren't that into FB or other apps (Twitter, feed readers), may not even spend much time online, and would like to check as much in one location as possible.

    Why not check out the sidebars, news feeds, video bar, etc? You might just be pleasantly surprised.

    FYI the same limited attention span rule appears to hold for page as for the sidebar. Have you visited all the pages on the menu at the top of the page?

    In the end I need to strike a balance between effective and feasible. Maybe someone will come up with the idea create a petition aggregation site. You could do it on

    1. Thank you for ALL the information and links here ~ meat to me. I have a Facebook account but use it only to stay in touch with family and my closest friends who don't live close. I've been following the blog since it started, 2009, I think. When NFM started a Facebook page I worried about the blog because I've seen too many good ones wither away because of Facebook. Thanks for not letting it go ~ like the pages (new ones too), features and other changes but want more posts too please.

  6. Thanks, Vanessa, for adding all these new little toys, and as a new learner, I am getting used to them. I finally signed up to get the newsletter directly to my inbox, which for some reason it was slow to do, so impatient me always thought it didn't work. I guess the hare always tries to win: I should know better. And I have looked through all the pleasant surprises you place everywhere, which are wonderful. It's just that I forget each time. But I do like what you've done with the petitions, so they stay there always to see... And who knows, maybe for the new year, I will make it my new year's resolution to look into

    Thanks again for all your hard work.


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