Sunday, December 9, 2012

How to Attack & Destroy #HigherEd Labor Evil: The Secret revealed

…introducing #NewFac BoD member Alan Trevithick via his account of the incredible @SEIU500CAL #academiclabor Forum. Howzzat for multitasking?

Read this post, commit it to memory, and destroy, OK? Top secret!

Cadmo kills his dragon:
we will kill ours too
A trio of strong speakers, in remarks moderated by New Faculty Majority President Maria Maisto, opened up with powerful views about education. Speakers railed against the current intolerable conditions of the majority faculty, preached on the need for alliances between adcons and other communities—both more and less exploited—and robustly defended higher ed's true character as a public right and a public good--the only context in which the rights and working conditions of adjunct and contingent faculty will be genuinely addressed. 

It was wonderful.

For more Forum detail than available by tweet, read all of  Alan's post, every last word of How to Attack and Destroy Higher Ed Labor Evil: The Secret revealed at Cringing Liberal Elite

Then bookmark (OK so that is hardly destroying) and follow blog for more. Follow our noted elite cringer (not really, more like cool compadre in the noble and entertaining endeavor of digital ankle-biting for a good cause), also on Twitter as @eValerick

The Forum is also covered here and here. Alas the secret was not quite revealed, just hinted. I was hoping that this version would cover the end game part I still haven't gotten around to blogging/Storifying. Life in the adcon media content game gets so busy and exciting. Until then, check Peter Schmidt's 'Metro' Unionizing Strategy Is Viewed as a Means to Empower Adjunct Faculty, link also posted here on "We're reading" (right sidebar). 

More? All will be revealed in time...

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