Thursday, December 20, 2012

a global artistic collaboration

…file under ideas for #adjunct action…public art with cause applications…do we have causes? You betcha…where to start? #FAIR_PAY! #dueprocess #ACA fallout, #RTW & organizing, UI & "reasonable assurance," mutual support networks (expect to hear more from the Homeless Adjunct and #newfac social on this one)...more. What are your actions, ideas, suggestions? Please share

old tv 1 Inside Out: a global artistic collaborationThe vintage Photo-Automat Booth has transcended into a social networking artistry of global proportions. Upload your portrait and state your personal story or social cause, if you’re caring and inclined towards humanity.

Receive your photo as a black and white poster. Paste it anywhere for the world to see. It is then documented throughout their website, Facebook, and your own community to see. INSIDE OUT is turning into a global artistic phenomena, which has already covered seven continents.

You can extend your participation by making a social statement: to address a social cause or assist the team run by French artist, JR. You can donate a vacated wall in your city for the project to use or request to have a photo booth come to your town. An ingenious collaboration between JR, the TED Prize and you!

Inside Out: a global artistic collaboration 


  1. This is really neat! Reminds me a bit of a project my sister-in-law's nephew in Spain has been doing for years with his poetry, which was finally published. Here's an interview:

    Anyway, he began by pasting poems of protest all over the streets of the city, and in the video, you can see him and his group attaching poems to leaves on trees... the concept if great: the poetry of the people...

  2. It would make a good Campus Equity Week activity ~ bookmarking it for that file, then hoping I remember to check CEW bookmarks. Every year I ask for ideas and get the same ones: table with cookies, coffee and handouts; showing a film. Even better would be if a group could get wall space and invite Inside Out to film and post it. Even if they don't they could still video it, put images / video online.

    I like your sister-in-law's nephew's (in the deep south, that is still a nephew, sometimes clarified as nephew by marriage) project. It reminds me of what Broadside Press does. It's(global, so maybe he would be interested in sending the pictures, video clip). There is "poetry bombing" too.

    A CEW activity, though, should involve more disciplines.

  3. I will send him this, and I am sure he will like the idea. It is completely in Spanish, though (if we need things in English, I am sure I could translate). And in Spanish, we have those great words like concuñada and the like, where we add the prefix con-, and we add all those words which include by-marriage relatives. No such word in English. I miss that, but I did not realize that in the deep South they made no distinction: that's interesting I think. Etymology: I love it.

  4. "No distinction" is a bit of an oversimplification (remember that is the part of the country with a 2nd person plural that also functions as a collective) but explaining the distinction and its layered nuances would have taken too much explaining. The "by marriage" has the same function as a prefix (think if them as functioning like separated particles in Germanic languages) but optional. Taking or passing on the option sends a own message ~ not just etymology but sociology and socio-linguistics. There are also generational cohort effects that supersede kinship.

    Not sure but the Broadside site may have a Spanish version of the page since they are aiming for global activity... and if not, they'd surely welcome a translation.


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