Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nov-Dec 2012 issue of The Bullhorn

…the outstanding, award winning & #contingentfaculty aware newsletter of the SUNY New Paltz UUP Chapter, edited by NFM Board member Peter D.G. Brown. View Bullhorn back issues online. While on New Paltz UUP site, check the Contingents section, resources, links, articles, petitions & more. It's a good model for anyone looking to insert more contingent faculty information into their organization pages or just building a resource list. 

Download this fileBULLHORN November-December 2012.pdf.  NFM Foundation president Anne Wiegard reminds us,
If you are too pressed for time to take a comprehensive look at this issue, please at least read the great article that begins on page 24, originally published in Inside Higher Ed (like me, you may not have seen it there either).  The author does a wonderful job of articulating inequities in the adjunct world, and the last  paragraph is priceless.
As a final note, Peter asks, "Would you like to write for The Bullhorn? We welcome your mail, editorials and articles on work, research, leisure, recreation, health and other topics. E-mail Peter D.G. Brown:" Presumably the invitation is for New Paltz faculty and UUP members but you can always ask.

Ed Note: Does your campus chapter or adjunct organization publishes a newsletter? We invite you to share it with us. Getting to know more about each other by sharing information and stories is part of how we build networks.

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