Wednesday, November 7, 2012

#HigheredNews: post-election musings on what it means for us

…from #Academe Today & @InsideHigherEd's Daily News Updates (in particular, Four More Years, A Status quo Congress & more). From California, Changing Universities' Bob Samuels writes "We Won the Battle, Now the War," and Remaking the University's Chris Newfield delivers a, "Bullet Dodged by Ballot." Snarky and smart Lawyers, Guns & Money offers briefly annotated election reflection links, Victory, include education,. Robert Valiant has launched a website to gather information about who funded campaigns for charters and vouchers and against teachers, unions and public education.

Yes, I'm till pushing academic news aggregation posts even if they don't have the bling or get the clicks of single items. Being informed matters and the day after a presidential election is a for read news day. Besides #nanowrimo and #digiwrimo = #wrimo all month long: I have not fish but other words to fry. Expect rewarmed leftovers, reblogs and otherwise recycled posts. Upside: more posts.

Chronicle of Higher Education
Academe Today
Wednesday November 07, 2012

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The 2012 Election: What Obama's Win Means for Academe

Under Obama, Colleges Anticipate 4 More Years of Reform 1 4 More Years of Reform
By Michael Stratford
Community colleges and student-aid advocates may welcome more attention from the administration, while others cry foul over increased regulation.
Decision 2012: See How Key Ballot Measures Fared

Continued Scrutiny for For-Profit Colleges
By Goldie Blumenstyk
The sector won't necessarily face a slew of new regulations, but it will remain in the spotlight amid concerns about cost, loan debt, and gainful employment.
Hope for Students and Sign for the Nation 1 Hope for Students and a Sign for the Nation
By Alina Mogilyanskaya
Maryland voters' approval of the Dream Act was a rare public expression of support for illegal immigrants.
028a3422287f11e29fb412313804d034_7.jpg At Watch Parties, Shared Space but Not Shared Views
By Caitlin Peterkin
College Democrats and Republicans at George Washington University rooted for their candidates in adjacent ballrooms on the campus.
Decision 2012
Calif. Voters Approve Ballot Measure to Stave Off 'Trigger Cuts' at State Colleges
The state's three public higher-education systems breathed a sigh of relief as Gov. Jerry Brown declared victory for Proposition 30.
The Chronicle Review
The Past, Present, and Future of the Book 1 The Past, Present, and Future of the Book
By Andrew Piper
It is one profound way of considering the world. It can be complemented, but not replaced.
Lingua Franca
Elect (Name Here) in 2016!
Allan Metcalf announces a contest for a campaign slogan for the U.S. presidential election of 2016.
The Conversation
Sonic Sisters
Gina Barreca's spent a career encouraging young women to speak up. Now can she get the sorority Alpha Yakka Squawka to shut up?
Careers Illustration for Midcareer Mentoring One-Sentence Mentoring
By Female Science Professor
In the spirit of Twitter and text messages, a tenured professor offers career advice in sound bites.
On Hiring
Online Calendar.jpg Saying Goodbye to What's No Longer Working
Allison Vaillancourt wonders what professional meetings or activities she might strike from her calendar to make room for new possibilities.
Read articles this week about the chancellor of Rutgers U. at Camden's plans for his new role as leader of the Coalition of Urban and Metropolitan Universities, and about America's longest-serving law dean, who is stepping down. Also see our Transitions and In Memoriam columns, and listings of the latest appointments and deaths.
2012 Diversity in Academe Report
In this year's Diversity in Academe report, The Chronicle explores the more complicated state of current gender-based issues in academe.  Looking beyond just the data, this report focuses on issues among undergraduates, graduate students, and faculty members on campuses across the country.
2012 Online Learning Report
The Chronicle's recently released special report "Online Learning" examines the phenomenon of massive open online courses, or MOOC's, and the hype, hope, and questions that surround them. Learn from pioneers, converts, skeptics, and the undecided on how, for better or worse, "MOOC mania" is changing online learning at an irrepressible pace.
The Chronicle's 2012 Digital Campus Microsite
The Chronicle's 2012 Digital Campus Microsite has the latest trends, news, information, and commentary on how to advance your institution's virtual footprint. Download case studies, white papers, and articles from leading technology companies that are working with institutions around the world to help them advance digital learning on their campuses.
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