Monday, September 10, 2012

Joe Berry's Sept6 COCAL Updates

 in brief & links. Edited for length (omitting extensive "see below" items), redundancy (previously appearing in another post), time and formatting considerations. To subscribe to complete list by email, see information at bottom of page. 

Adjuncts... dba "you're not essential"
Good local newspaper op-ed adjunct unemployment insurance rights, Kansas City MO

IHE blogger (a CC dean) asks for free work from adjuncts (Ed note: a questionable characterization I disagree with after reading the post)

Near Emmaus responds to anthropologist Sarah Kandizor's Al-Jazeera article on adjuncts, plus links to other ensuing online discussion among anthros and other posts referenced, commenting.
"as Peter Enns has noted in The Closing of American Academia: More Reality Therapy from Prof. Eeyore…uh…I mean Enns and Your Go-To Source to Get Really Depressed about Jobs in Academia those of us who dreamed of jobs teaching biblical literature, theology, religious studies, or history related to these subjects are facing the same miserable employment prospects. In fact, one article posted on The Daily Kos titled Ph.D. to Food Stamps is written by someone who wanted to teach theology." 
...and the rest of the precariat ~ AlterNet on Temp Worker Nation

 Chicago... Chicago...
  • Things heat up at Chicago City Colleges
 for profits and corporate U's
  • Questions about for-profits and how they manage their student default rates
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