Sunday, September 2, 2012

Joe Berry's COCAL Updates

...links & news on #COCALX in Mexico City, #ContingentFaculty & #HigherEd + an appeal to support the Chicago Teachers Union, AFT local 1, to their solidarity fund in their fight and possible fall strike to preserve and improve public education (and against the privatizers). He writes, "I personally urge us all to contribute and get further donations from your union and organization. No foundation will fund this fight. The rich and their foundations (Gates, Lumina, et al) are all on the other side." (image from JournalMex)

More about Chicago Teachers (because our history matters): A wonderful article on the revolt of the Chicago teachers, in 1933, when they, through massive direct action, and over the objetions of many union leaders, directly attacked the banks to get the money to pay them and keep the schools open. Every teacher unionist should read this. The best telling of this story that this labor historian has ever read. Not optional! Big lessons for us now.

COCAL news...

academic precarity and the state of higher education...


  • Good stories and a new newsletter from New Unionism's international site. (Ed Note: this excellent resource deserves more attention from adjunct / contingent faculty. I've blogged New Unionism before and am now reminded to check the newsletter (email, no link) and revisit the site for an expanded post.
  • One of the three main views on how to save City College of SF, CA (The other two are focus on the parcel tax or just do everything the accrediting agency WASC says.) Well expressed and circulated on the Occupy Education list.
  • More on how business views higher educationOccupy Education activist and researcher Danny Weil comments on and analyzes Moody's report (in pdf format)

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