Friday, August 17, 2012

Steve M. Street, Prominent Advocate for Adjunct Faculty, Dies of Cancer

Steve Street started this blog, February 2009, originally to supplement Bob Samuels' New Faculty Majority Day. On the basis of my posting comments and his desperation, Steve invited me to contribute and then recommended  me for the New Faculty Majority organizing committee (before we even had a name). Later, he drifted away from blogging, which was not really his preferred medium but a responsibility he accepted to help both a friend's project and the fledgling adjunct coalition that later took its name. He will be sorely missed.

We're not ready yet, not psychologically, but hope to come out with an in depth piece commemorating Steve, sharing memories, more pictures and links to his writings. Until then, our thanks to Peter Schmidt for so promptly posting notice to The Chronicle of Higher Education today Friday August 17, 

Steve M. Street, an outspoken advocate for adjunct faculty members and a frequent contributor to The Chronicle, died on Friday morning of cancer. He was about 57.
Mr. Street had taught writing and literature off the tenure track since 1980, and had been active in the Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor, the New Faculty Majority, and the United University Professions, a union that represents academic employees at the State University of New York. His essays for The Chronicle (see links below) often expressed the frustrations he and other adjunct faculty members felt in seeking decent pay and benefits and equitable treatment fromtheir employers.
Steve M. Street, Prominent Advocate for Adjunct Faculty, Dies of Cancer - Faculty - The Chronicle of Higher Education. More Chronicle articles by Steve Street:


    1. These articles are not all linking for me. I've read most of them, and retread some. They really are wonderful. I'm looking for some energy and inspiration and Steve's essays are a good source.

    2. Your notice would be more helpful if you noted which articles did not link. Fyi I copied and pasted this list from the Chronicle.

    3. thanks for sharing.


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