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Chicago, Chicago...
Chicago teachers show mobilization and real strike threat can win, but fight and strike prep continues. 

Good story out of Chicago Reader on how Mayor Emanuel and Mitt Romney have the same education program and why (and Obama too). It also makes very clear why we need to support the Chicago Teachers Union as much as possible in their fight to preserve public education in Chicago and nationally. See Labor Notes article on the same issue  

Around the adjunctiverse

Columbia College and the part-time union (PFAC/IEA,NEA) victory at the NLRB. More on the Columbia College, Chicago, NLRB decision in higher ed media, CHE and IHE, as well as in local Chicago press, Sun Times (with a few errors) and Chicago Reader. 
Delphi Project report on "The Changing Faculty and Student Success." 
Florida adjunct wins case to know name of student complainant whose complaint led to his nonrenewal (IHE) and in AdjunctNation  
Articles on Ivy Tech (the Indiana statewide community college) here and here, a major abuser of PT and contingent faculty (no tenure for anyone, even FT senior faculty) in the nation. [Ed note: not an isolated event but a growing trend in the making for some time. See also recent story on Baltimore City College] 
Budget constraints hitting contingent faculty in Iowa
What profits... 
Most for-profits disqualified (IHE) for CA tuition benefits and in local press (Bay Citizen) 
US Senate report on for-profits (IHE) released, plus NYT on Larkin Report, a new study of pay at the for-profits and a NYT editorial
More LA Times coverage on building backlash as for-profits rake in money from military vet benefits
Going global...
For everyone going to COCAL X in Mexico and other interested in what our colleagues there are facing, here is an article on Carlos Slim (and much more), the world's richest man and a Mexican.
A fine video of the students demonstrating in Quebec
Good recent English language report on Mexico election and protests
Latest issue of Mexican Labor News and Analysis by Dan La Botz and posted on the UE website (lots on the Obrador continuing challenge to the election and the new student movement) 
Union made... 
NYT on the future of unions
CFA at CSU system settles new contract. Retains benefits and agrees to pay freeze.
National Labor College campus on the block for sale 
Brief filed on both sides with NLRB on grad student unionization issue 
miscellaneous but relevant....
Excellent article on the current attack on community colleges by the for-profits, Koch brothers and the right generally. Too bad the author Danny Weil did not address casualization and part-timing of the faculty. Someone should send him a letter or post a comment at Truth-out 
The hypocrisy of unpaid research internships 
More on the Georgia unemployment insurance fight for contracted out workers in educational institutions

Ed note: a substantial amount of material from the two updates was not posted because no link was included. Reformatting the email version for web publishing is time consuming. For layout reasons, blog versions do not include full texts of articles in email updates (designated "see below" with full text at the end). On this occasion, time did not permit looking for the link or an appropriate substitute. Instead, I saved all linkless stories from both July 28 and August 3 Updates in a separate "leftovers" draft that I hope to get to within the next day or so. 

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