Friday, August 31, 2012

Highlighting the challenges of contingent workers from nonfiction TV writers to housekeepers

… but apparently not our own ubiquitous, eponymous #ProfStaff analyzed, studied and recently heralded in highered & sundry social media. Dated June 30, 2012, this predates ProfStaff's media debut but not zir study. So it's not exactly news I'm blogging her but still relevant, all the more so in the context of this and other current discussions from "killing the American University in five easy steps" to "new narrative" on the adj-l listserv. 

What is not news either but even more relevant in above contexts: the "other contingent workers" Sen. Franken refers to does not include adjuncts, contingent faculty, academic workers, tenuous labor, precarious academic labor or whatever the naming flavor of the week is. Perhaps just "other"?
Capitol Hill got a dose of reality today at a panel featuring entertainment insiders and lawmakers who discussed the perils of the freelance economy and revealed the behind-the-scenes challenges facing professional employees like writers in nonfiction television, as well as temps, subcontractors, and freelancers in nearly every industry, who lack the protections and structures of traditional employment. 
Sen. Al Franken, Democrat of Minnesota and a member of three unions himself, opened the panel by noting the lack of employment protections he faced as a writer at the beginning of his career. He called attention to important provisions in the Rebuild America Act that would help protect writers and other contingent workers.
Read the rest of Highlighting the challenges of contingent workers from nonfiction TV writers to housekeepers ~ American Rights at Work's Blog at Work. Then read more about the "Where is Professor Staff?" Report right here on this blog, on the NFM Foundation's Back to School Survey page, at Future of Higher Education and elsewhere in cyberspace. As for the yclept "new narrative" discussion, you can follow it and participate by subscribing to the Contingent Academics Mailing List

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