Saturday, August 11, 2012

COCAL Updates August 8

Joe Berry writes, 

unam01I am now leaving for COCAL X in Mexico City and may or may not have sufficient time and internet access to send out another COCAL Update before I return to the US August 21. If not, have a good remainder of your summer and and excellent start of the school year, for all those who start early. 
Three notes of self promotion: My partner Helena Worthen and I have written three articles that have recently appeared or are about to appear that should be of interest to this list. (photo, UNAM by David Milroy)

  1. 2012, Berry, J. and Worthen, H. “Why We Should Support Organizing in the For-Profits” Radical Teacher, #93 (latest issue)
  2. Forthcoming, 2012, Berry, J. and Worthen, H., “Faculty organizing in the higher education industry: Tackling the for-profit business model”. Working USA (in the next issue)
  3. Forthcoming, 2012, Berry, J. and Worthen, H., "Higher Education as a Workplace" (title may change in editing). Dollars and Sense, Sept./Oct. Special Labor Day Issue

If any readers would like copies of these articles emailed to you when the final versions become available, just drop me an email. In solidarity.
In addition to Joe Berry, other New Faculty Majority members attending include David Milroy for CFA and NFM board members Judy Olson, Jack Longmate and Steve Street. All are now in Mexico City. I promise to do my utmost at harrying them for reports to share with you.

Updates in brief and links

More responses to the Delphi report on the changing faculty and support for adjuncts

Cost of misclassifying workers as independent contractors (this happens to some teachers especially in extension and similar programs)

Grad unions active while awaiting NLRB ruling on their right to unionize under NLRA

Cyber learning and the for-profits

A Philly PA area  adjunct deals with cancer while teaching up to 7 classes.

Good blog post on workplace issues by Cory Robin, a TT prof in CA and formerly a leader of the Yale grad union and author of the great book, "FEAR, the history of a political idea" which has a wonderful chapter on fear as a factor in the workplace, drawn largely from his Yale experiences.

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