Tuesday, July 10, 2012

UnCritical Masses

A commentary on the National Gathering in Philly but strikes other chords / echoes other plangent refrains as well, recently about the New Faculty Majority in particular but surely others as well ~ an unexpected but welcome universality.

We're evolving too. 
“Man, what we really need is critical mass…” 

I hear this often at protests. 
People jealous of places like Montreal and Mexico complain that Americans aren’t taking to the streets in droves of millions. 
I understand the sentiment, and sometimes I agree, but more often I’m tempted to see the Occupy movement and protesting as two parts of a larger whole. While I understand the desire for more people, I am glad we’ve come as far as we have.
Read the rest of UnCritical Masses, blogged at Lullabies for GhostsThe few words I've had with Debra since #natgat suggest a similar reaction. Rather than collate and post links about the event, I'm waiting for The Homeless Adjunct's version. Until then, this opens for her.

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