Thursday, July 19, 2012

NTT Fac confer in Pitt, on Member Forum

Call for Participation NTTF Conference

We blogged the Pittsburgh NTTF Conference mid June on Joe's COCAL Updates, asked around, heard zip ~ frustrating because we really like to hear more than zip when blogging and sooner too ~ that is, until finding this from Esther Merves in the morning mbx. She writes, 
 A few have asked, "Who are these folks?" I had a long talk this morning with one of the organizers, NFM member Ms. Robin Clarkewho teaches English at the University of Pittsburgh. Her spouse teaches at Duquesne.  She and a group of NTT faculty at Pitt, Duquesne, and Carnegie Mellon are trying to raise consciousness through this conference, and have received funding from the Pitt chapter of AAUP and US Steelworkers for the conference. 
Duquesne adjunct Robin Soward is also a member of the planning group. Ms Clarke presented the new NFM website to the entire department of English at Pitt - everyone was supportive.  NFM has officially been invited to participate at the conference in April, which would be a good opportunity to talk about the national perspective and strengthen the Pittsburgh NFM membership, which is working on a metro organizing strategy.

Robin posted the conference information on the NFM Member Forum.  Please sign in ~ join NFM (if you have not already) ~ post some comments under the various discussion topics.  If you want to see additional topics, let me know and I'll add them. Esther

Sun, Jul 15, NonTenureTrackConference Pittsburgh sent the following NTTF conference update

Dear NTTF Conference contacts:

I apologize for the group email. I am writing to give an update on the conference as some important changes have been made: most notably, the date, which has been pushed back to April 5-7, 2013 to allow more planning time. 

Please see the new and final Call for Participation (Download this attached file, email for specific location and lodging information) as it will lay out other changes. If you have already submitted an abstract, you need not send a new one, but you should be aware that priority will be given to Pittsburgh-area participants. That said, the conference is not limited to folks from the Pittsburgh region--we just want to offer that disclaimer up front.

Thank you very much for you interest, Robin Clarke

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