Thursday, July 5, 2012

Reading Room: Links from Remaking the University

…a little something to tide me over until I get to deciding what to post about after taking the day more or less off yesterday. e.g. local post, email and social media exchanges. Does getting into it with a local SoCal transplant, gated community resident, over student loan rates count? 

Back to deciding (which also depends on what shows up in my feed and comes in over the transom). Suggestions invited! So far, I'm thinking: Corporate U; cooperative efforts; interests and alliances outside highered vs academic precariat version of the Ivory Silo™ tendency; touring the adjunct blogosphere; social media matters; adjunct faculty with student loan debt; implication of changes in graduate access. Additionally, we are past due for another round of Petition Junction... new petitions and reminders about old ones that still matter. Or maybe I'll just ramble and see where it takes me...

In the meantime, Michael Meranze collects and regularly posts higher ed relevant links covering California, US and global higher ed. (Can COCAL Updates be far behind?)

More UVa
The State of HigherEd
Global (we're all in this together)
Economy (inextricably linked of course to the fate of public higher ed, mainstream media doom saying. Don't overlook alternative econ sources such a EPI, CEPR, Gin and Tacos (top of the line snark, social and political commentary), occasional links & commentary (marvelous graphics, also sharp social and political commentary from a radical economist's perspective) ~ please note: the latter two are NTT fac econ bloggers)

Links for Monday July 2, 2012


  1. Did you see the Facebook posting that is going around about for-profit schools not making much profit? It proves that the business model and education are not the match made in heaven school administrators lead the public to believe. --darthvadersmom

    1. Is there a link to go with it? "Going around Facebook" does not in itself make a source a reliable.

      I'd also wonder about the exact wording and source since the information contradicts every current feed on the topic in my feed reader. Numbers are bad for completion, loan default, employment but, according to reliable sources, still making profit. If loan default rates result in for-profits losing access to federal student aid, yes, that would threaten profit.


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