Monday, July 16, 2012

EduAmerica: infographics, Stafford & more

…a topic that includes but is not limited to contingent faculty, debt or even just higher education. We're all connected in many ways, threatened too and need to build more bridges. Recent NEA support for updating DoL language on UI eligibility to clarify "reasonable assurance" at the federal level is just one example. 

Another might be the flip side or ongoing cognitive dissonance between K-12 and higher ed members in education unions. Better communication there should mean more voice for contingent faculty. Issues affecting K-12 affect higher education. Trends taking root in one will move to the other. Then there is the obvious one.... teaching, plus primarily contingent staffed areas like ESL, ABE, GED, tutoring, tech school, etc. that fall between and often through the cracks.

Last week, the education world was abuzz when changes to the federal student loan program went into effect, many with lasting implications for students and graduates grappling with college debt. Learn more about the issue with this series of education-related infographics, which tackle topics from debt, to digital media, to the disastrous effects of playing hooky

Read more UTNE Altwire – 10 Infographics on Education in America via EcoSalon. About blocking Stafford rate increases: there were more changes happened than just that, especially for graduate students ~ no more subsidized Staffords! That could well change the future contingent faculty landscape. Additionally, no interest free grace period until July 1, 2014, for holders of subsidized Stafford loans taken between now and then.

US News lays out the changes for both undergrad and grad students. Grad changes excerpted:
Graduate students are no longer eligible for government-subsidized Stafford loans. Grad students can still take out unsubsidized Stafford loans, for which interest accrues at a rate of 6.8 percent during school. 
[Learn more about Stafford loans for graduate students.] 
Even without a government subsidy, federal loans are a graduate student borrower’s best bet...Graduate students with federal loans will be eligible for the government loan repayment programs after graduation.
Here's another take on the interest rate debate obscuring other student loan issues. FYI US News (which we have complained about and I hope taken to task over not including staffing ratios in rating colleges) has a strong student loan coverage plus hosting the Student Loan Ranger

As for the other ~ how are we calling out US News ~ why not write them a letter and post regular comments on appropriate articles. Include a link to Debra Leigh Scott's recent post, What We Must Demand of Colleges, too.

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