Monday, June 11, 2012

Monday rambles: NFM pit crew & other notes, COCAL. protests

As you may have noticed, board member and blogger (here and on Cringing Liberal Elite) Alan Trevithick has joined our NFM Facebook pit crew. Now to find the perfect NASCAR gear for him. Matt and Maria are on too but may not be as active. No gear for them.

Tomorrow is a NFM board meeting / conference call 11am EDT. If  anyone has last minute questions, email or post them as comments. Mostly, it's a catch up meeting, reports, structural/admin items. Tomorrow there will board news to announce. Now there is Foundation news: 501(3c) status approved. Member Forums will launch soon on the main site. We are also working on a membership drive. Since it's still in the formative stage, we'll asked for your opinions, ideas and reactions. Then expect to be reading a lot about that here and on our social media network. You may even come to think of the drive as needing a leash law. Why a membership drive? Easy. The stronger our membership base the more we can accomplish.

pyramid1COCAL coming down ~ all you need to know about the 2012 COCAL X, August 10-12: schedule, travel, lodging (probably beyond average adjunct means, although unions and professionals organization pick up travel for their representatives), plenaries, workshops, cultural attractions, sightseeing and more. Hopefully there will be more social media coverage than for the last one.  (photo by David Milroy)

More COCAL? Yes, we have no COCAL Updates (or the time to process this batch to my satisfaction). Fortunately, Workplace is also publishing the Updates. Just the links, no images and minus some large chunks of copy on the email version. Grabbing Workplace's version is so much quicker. If it boosts their readership and that of their new host, The Institutes of Critical Edcuation Studies, so much the better. The site, which includes international coverage, is worth visiting with or without Updates. Follow Institute 4 Critics (@icesubc) on Twitter, or just Wayne Ross ("where the blog has no name")

Rounding up the usual suspects, Wisconsin after thoughts and Quebec protests are still in the alternative press; Mexico City looks to be working on its own protest season with #YoSoy132. It's about the election and may or may not be over come COCAL in August.

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