Monday, June 4, 2012

Letter to Texas A&M on behalf of Professor Bradford

*Below, Attached, and By Fax*
                                                                                                June 4, 2012

President Maria Hernandez Ferrier
Texas A&M University-San Antonio
One University Way
San Antonio, TX 78224

Dear President Ferrier:

I am writing on behalf of New Faculty Majority to protest San Antonio A & M's non-renewal of Adjunct Professor of Criminology Sissy Bradford, and to request your immediate intervention.

Given the facts of the case, we are gravely concerned that it appears that in rescinding Professor Bradford’s courses at the same time that Professor Bradford has been speaking publicly about the incident involving the display of religious symbols on a new building entrance, and at the same time that she has objected to the university's handling of the threats against her, the University is engaging in retaliation against her.  If true, this would violate the principles of academic freedom and freedom of speech that the university is committed to uphold. We urge you to reaffirm those essential principles by renewing Professor Bradford’s appointment for the fall semester. 

We are also aware that various representatives of the university have asserted that the rescinding of Professor Bradford’s courses for the fall semester was simply part of a general restructuring that includes adding more tenure-track lines.  If this is indeed the case, we would point out that it is a standard of professional practice endorsed by most disciplinary and professional associations to give first preference in hiring for full-time or tenure-track positions to part-time adjuncts currently serving.  We are eager to learn more about the situation and trust that Professor Bradford will have access to authentic due process in her efforts to investigate and contest her treatment.

Finally, we note with interest a university spokeswoman’s assertion that adjunct faculty at the University have “no expectation of continued employment.” We trust that should Professor Bradford and her colleagues apply for unemployment insurance benefits, the university will do nothing to contest their claims.
The legend on your university’s publications reads “The Tradition Begins!” and we recognize that as president of the newest campus of Texas A&M, you are responsible for shaping its traditions. Professor Bradford has given your students an example of free speech and courageous service that we trust you will honor and support by treating her with fairness and professionalism and by rejecting even the appearance of retaliation against her.  While NFM is prepared to assist Professor Bradford in the event that she is not reinstated, we are hoping that you will intervene in her case directly to restore the credibility of your university.  

Yours truly,
Maria Maisto's Signature 

President, NFM on behalf of the NFM Board of Directors
Cc:       Dr. R. Bown Loftin, President, Texas A&M University System
            Dr. William S. Bush, Interim Head, School of Arts and Sciences
            Professor Sissy Bradford

Texas A&M San Antonio Sissy Bradford.pdf Download this file

Posted via email from AcadementiaImages: Entrance to TAMUSA campus (Wikimedia Commons); Sissy Bradford with Eric Lane, Americans United for the Separation of Church and StateTorre de Esperanza in background (NYTimes); Sissy Bradford in front of tower (Dallas News)


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