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 Welcome to the CorporateU

UVA reinstates president after corporate right wingers who engineered her ouster were themselves defeated (resigned), Inside HigherEd

Chris Newfield at Remaking the University explains who really controls "public" universities or "Yes Virginia, there really is a ruling class, and you are not in it." More from Chris and Remaking about recent Bad Day(s) at UVa here and an all-too relevant /UCLA biz school/privatization background story here. 
(Ed Note, VCV: UVa is a huge story worth a post of its own and an important, connected chapter in the complex, continuing Whither U saga of privatization, ed-tech, Taylorization and the corporate university. I've mentioned elsewhere the corporate connection between Sullivan ouster/ UVa and Sissy Bradford firing / Texas A&M-SA stories. 
Why corporate execs should not run schools, Beyond Chron

Reality check on corporate profits and wages, at all time high and low respectively, Business Insider


The third section of Alex Kudera's adjunct novel, Fight for Your Long Day,  in graphic novel form is now on the web at Atticus Review

... and more adjunct authors: Christina McCale's Waiting for Change and Debra Leigh Scott's Other Likely Stories, with a companion piece to 'Junct: the Movie in the works to tell stories not filmed (Ed Note, VCV: could this become a separate feature? Books / authors to nominate? Naming suggestions, please.... adjuncts get it write?)

Here is a new one, an ad for a pt/adjunct to evaluate other adjuncts, at Harper College in suburban Chicago. [Note, JB: this is the college that, back in the 80's, challenged cc adjuncts very right to unionization under the education employment relations law there and delayed cc adjunct unionization in IL for nearly two decades until we could change the law].

Provost at StonyBrook, SUNY, fires longterm adjuncts for supposedly now not having proper credentials. Chronicle Forums. This behavior has happened at other places, usually in retaliation for faculty being too demanding or a desire to weaken the union [personal experience, jb]. (Ed Note, VCV: See also, Sissy Bradford TAMUSA firing)

IHE article on AAUP report on governance rights for contingent faculty

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Union/s Matter/s

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