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 Special Notice: Register for COCAL X before July 2nd for Early Registration Discount!  David Milroy writes, 
"We wanted to remind you that the COCAL X Mexico (English) is taking place on 8/9/2012 - 8/12/2012 at Avenida Universidad 3000, Ciudad Universitaria, 04510 Delegación Coyoacán, Ciudad de México, DF. We expect the available registrations to fill up quickly. So, we would like to offer you the opportunity to reserve your spot at a reduced early bird rate! To RSVP, click here . We look forward to hearing from you!  Thank you,  David Milroy." 

New study on adjunct assessment practices seeks interviewees. Survey overview, pdf. Emily Lopez-Padilla, UN-L, writes, 

"We are looking for adjunct faculty to participate in our study. Please Facebook message if you would like to be interviewed for our national study on adjunct faculty. We value your interest in our study of adjunct and part-time assessment practices. This research project will aim to identify what adjunct and part-time faculty report regarding assessment   procedures of their teaching practice. We would appreicate the opportunity to interview as many adjunct faculty as possible over the next week. Please feel free to share this, message me, or email me directly at to schedule a time to be interviewed. Thank you immensely for your support." 

Phone: 858-204-7915. Email: Surface mail to COCAL X, P.O. Box 711284, San Diego, CA 92171

Update on Mexican labor, the student movement there and the actions of teachers at the airport in Mexico City  (What a great time to be going to COCAL X in Mexico!

More on Duquesne adjunct unionization effort: coverage of NLRB approval, NLRB decision to reject DU petition for religious exemption from NLRA, Catholic react here and in Commonweal, plus coverage in Washington Monthly and on NPR. No surprise, the University appeals, NLRB rejects appeal and the story makes the NYT. NFM board member and blogger Alan Trevithick sums up recent coverage and reactions. (Duquesne adjunct organizer, Robin Sowards, NYT photo)

NLRB launches website on "protected concerted activity", with many national examples in non-union situations. This is very important for our efforts to organize in the private sector and especially in the period before a full organization has coalesced. Check out the NLRB site!

The Coalition on the Academic Workforce study on contingent faculty is FINALLY out. See the executive summary for the main points. In highered media, Inside HigherEd's "Non-tenure Track Economics" describes the survey's bleak portrait of adjunct conditions, as does the Chronicle's "Underpaid and Restless: Study Presents a 'Dismal Picture' of Life as a Part-Time Professor." Additional coverage appears on the social web and adjunct blogs, notably on the Adjunct Project and by John Casey Jr (reblogged with brief comments by Homeless Adjunct and Tales from the Adjunctiverse).  

Adjunct Project readers comment on Regional (TN) AAUP Chapter proposal for contingent faculty, and Debra Leigh Scott blogs reaction to the TN plan on The Homeless Adjunct ('Junct Rebellion). 

From Communities & Postal Workers United - 510 847 8657 -  a call to join the movement to save the peoples' post offices. Find a demonstration near you June 27. As the USPS has cut services, outsourced and casualized many of its workforce, the similarities to higher ed are astonishing. The Postal Service has threatened to eliminate 220,000 living-wage jobs – and close 3,700 post offices including four in S.F. Why? – because these post offices are "not generating enough revenue." You can see they're targeting poor and rural communities – those who need their neighborhood post office the most! A nationwide movement is growing – from cities like New York, Baltimore, Chicago, S.F. and Portland to little towns in the countryside – to get into the streets and Save the People's Post Office.

Chicago Teachers Union, AFT Local #1, calls for a "Day without a Teacher" in the fall. Occupy Education in Oakland/Berkeley East Bay plans to build one including higher ed. The contingent faculty movement should get on board. Also on Facebook

Help push an IWW launched initiative in K12 education and spread the word through your networks. We need to get to a significant number of "likes" today for "Day Without a Teacher": Solidarity with Chicago! Quality Education for All!  Contact: or (612) 567-2849.

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