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Going Global...
COCAL X early registration date has been pushed back to July 1: register online at

Class War University is new site collecting articles on the struggle in higher ed worldwide. "Yo soy 132: Student-led Uprising," the most recent post on the site, is an interesting interview with a professor at Univ. Metro in Mexico City about the current student movement, its history and prospects. Although the only "international" story, the blogroll on the right sidebar shows a good international selection. 

For more on global higher ed, see the International Student Movement (ISM) ~ "one world, one struggle" ~ website.

O Canada!
Coalition of Graduate Employee Unions (CGEU) Conference, Vancouver, August 2-4, 2012, also on Facebook.

The power of Quebec's good example

"The extraordinary student mobilization in Quebec has already sustained the longest and largest student strike in the history of North America, and it has already organized the single biggest act of civil disobedience in Canadian history. It is now rapidly growing into one of the most powerful and inventive anti-austerity campaigns anywhere in the world."

Canadian highered blogger Melonie Fullick cautions about following US example of welcoming corporate influence on education research, asking, "Is the Gates Foundation 'galvanizing' education research?"

Adult Educators 'R us 2

Rally for adult education in California, Tues June 12. Nearly all adult educators are part time contingents: the % is even higher than for composition.

Kaplan International ESL teachers in NYC unionize, win election with Newspaper Guild/CWA [Where are the academic unions (AFT, NEA, AAUP) in this?]. See Newsguild, highered media coverage in Inside Highered and Chronicle, but best of all, the teachers own blog, A Better Kaplan, a good example of an organizing blog in a campaign and a good blog to read.

From the Pacific Northwest...
Seattle Times op-ed by Keith Hoeller and Jack Longmate and two response letters.  

Jack Longmate's guest post here applies Robert Reich's comments on fairness and the economy, then blossoms into another post, widely RT'd, and active comment thread on Music for Deck Chairs (Kate Bowles, Australia)

Congrats to colleague Keith Hoeller for  recent honor at his college. He is the first Green River CC adjunct to get "Distinguished Faculty" award.

Around the Adjunctiverse
More on Duquesne U (PA) adjuncts organizing with USW, followed by university filing claim for exemption after having issued a statement that they would not contest. At the Adjunct ProjectUSW organizer Jeff Cech (also interviewed for Junct Rebellion documentary) writes about organizing. There will be Fall Pittsburgh conference on contingent faculty, partly sponsored by USW and hosted by the Duquesne unit but involving adjuncts from other Pittsburgh universities, interested in organizing with USW. Please email if you are interested in presenting at or helping with the conference. 

An adjunct blogs about feeling guilty taking unemployment insurance (and why she shouldn't feel guilty)

UC Irvine medievalist, Dr Melissa Bruninga-Matteau, of the Chronicle's PhDs on Food Stamps, is current IHE adjunct hero. NFM blog introduces its version, Hat Tips for Heroes, featuring even more heroes.

Labor Notes article, "Oregon Faculty Organize Against Corporate Creep," on recent successful organizing of joint unit at the University of Oregon

Higher Ed Bizzarro World
Support UE Local 712 and the staff of Kenyon College by signing this online petition to stop Kenyon College from outsourcing jobs. Demand that Kenyon College stop from partnering with Sodexo (also known for its "services" to administration in contesting unemployment campaigns.

Student loan debts that not even death can discharge

Slate: Hey, what's going on at UVA or Robber Barons in the University

Play about for-profit higher ed ([well done] showing in NYC soon and possible going on national tour: "Witness the exploitation of the American student" in Aaron Calafato's, For Profit, June 23, 24, and 25

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