Saturday, May 26, 2012

Take Action in Small Steps: Petition Junction & more

Remember Lee Bessette's post-Summit resolution about making a difference no matter how small the action? Take smalls steps but many of them and often, Josh Boldt started his crowdsourcing project that led to the Adjunct Project, which just keeps growing and by now includes media aggregation, job board, open blog, forum and more. Lee's resulted in her April 2 Day for Highered, action. Short notice didn't slow it down. Since then individuals have been taking many steps, Karen Kelsky now addresses adjunct issues on the Professor Is In and maintains a Job Seeker Support FundAna Maria Fores Tamayo started her adjunct pay petition. Debra Leigh Scott, aka the Homeless Adjunct, already ahead of all long before the Summit, planned the Junct Tour. Jack Longmate, Frank Cosco and Keith Hoeller put on a contingent faculty issues workshop and teach-in. Oronte Churm's John Warren started the Adjunct Hero series. John A Casey Jr has been busy with Pfac and Occupy English. Those are just off the top of our head. Let us know about the ones we missed. All the heroes get a hat tip here. 

Help all these "small steps" along by  taking notice, remembering them, supporting projects, participating, sharing links and information, sending them out on the social media of your choice, encouraging friends and colleagues to support them... starting your own. Letting us know about ones we missed counts too. So does (our) recording and reminding. Yes, that is the sound of a new feature's footsteps tripping across my corner of the blogospher: Small Steps (but hoping for a better name). Petitions moving to separate post status was the "step" that brought us to it. What's yours? Ideas?

Check & click Petition Junction. Do you have an adjunct or higher ed petition? Send us the link to add to our list.

Joining but not supplanting Ana’s Adjunct Pay Petition:

Another petition to Obama for equal pay for equal work for part time college teachers. Carol Jordan of California Part-Time Faculty Assoc. (CPFA, in CA CCs) writes, 
"Part time community college instructors earn, on average, 50 cents on the dollar compared to full timers. Moreover, we receive no benefits, no tenure, and no pension. We need pay equity NOW! That's why I signed a petition to President Barack Obama asking him to: Stop balancing college budgets on the backs of part time faculty. Will you sign the petition too? Click here to add your name.
And more...
  • Support forgiveness of student loans, presented by Robert Applebaum
  • Tell Vice President Biden: Don't Blame Faculty for the High Cost of College; Most Are "Working Poor!" (a New Faculty Majority petition)
  • Sign petition to State Superintendent Huppenthal protesting pulling Mexican-American Studies from AZ schools (especially Tucson) and all AZ higher ed, presented by Gary Rhoades, University of Arizona
On the spike.... Paul Haeder on Adjunct Visibility, making a "no shop" list, more on petitions, affordable DIY visibility  campaigns

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