Wednesday, May 30, 2012


Time to put this puppy to bed before too late to be interesting, let alone any longer. Recent topping off: yesterday mailbox and social media exchanges were about:

Together, both sections ~ above and below ~ reflect my particular interests. The following, re-posted from adj-l, is a mixed, random and rather too long collection from morning reading introduces the rambling post series.

The dangers of the rising global protest movement (about + interview with Guy Standing who writes extensively on rise of precariat) 

Anyone following precariat topic may want to keep an eye on keep an eye on The Putney Debates, Curious about the name? + more about direction of content,

Students in Quebec were asked to send their march route to the cops & they replied with this.

Also on Plashing Vole (UK higher ed, VL or Visiting Lecturer for a number of years) with more discussion of and commentary on protests and the differences between Quebec and the rest of Canada, notably, "Quebec is a special case because it's a European-style social democratic state within a country rapidly and forcibly being converted into a cutting edge free-market fundamentalist one" and "If Canada's corporate government manages to smash Quebec, that's the end of social justice in North America

Also from Plashing Vole, thought process marking essays, Cymru an bach. And according to @PlashingVole, every teacher's inspiration, 

Here's a good adjunct visibility idea from Free University, May8 (anyone here know how that went?): Adjuncts of New York, UNITE: Public Grade-In to make our labor + solidarity visible. 365 Fifth Ave. WED 12-4pm #tassembly #adjunct 

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