Thursday, May 10, 2012

On the Road with JunctRebellion

#JunctTour is coming! Remember the story of JunctRebellion at Left Forum? Well, our intrepid Road Scholars Debra Leigh Scott and Chris Labree are getting ready to take their show on the road. Help us get the word out about the Homeless Adjunct Tour

I'll be following them from here, blogging, tweeting, Facebook updating. Making it happen will take a group effort: we need your help too. Spread the word. Share ideas. This is adjunct taking matters into their own hands ~ talking back, taking action, reaching out to adjuncts, contingent faculty, precarious academic knowledge workers everywhere. 

Debra writes, 

Yep, we should tell those of you who don’t know that we are starting the first leg of The Homeless Adjunct documentary tour next Saturday, May 19. We’ll be heading west from Philadelphia, stopping in Pittsburgh, then to areas of Ohio, and then on to Chicago. We’ll probably loop back a little further south and hit Kentucky and West Virginia on the way back to Pennsylvania. 

I’m spending this week and next scheduling our events and activities, and welcome hearing from anyone who would like to take part. Join us, invite us to your hometown, contribute some of your own creative work to our acts and activism events (even long distance — you can send a poem or story, for instance, and we’ll read them FOR you!) We’ll be filming interviews and other footage, screening some of our interviews and clips, and holding events wherever we go. 

Write to us at to express interest in taking part. Our other trips will take us north to New England, and then into the southern states along the east coast. We’re hoping to have some fundraising success so that we can get out to the Southwest, too! So, join us in any and every way you can — this is all about building community, networking, raising awareness and maybe a little hell while we’re at it. 

Coming together to decide our future and the future of higher ed, because yes, together we are the ones who have the power to do that.

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  1. Thank you for doing this! I have been treated like a dog for 10 years now. If I complain, I lose classes. If I say I can't do double axles in a miniskirt for a dime, I'm fired! I am tired of it! I'd love a little respect, some benefits, some say!!!


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