Monday, May 14, 2012

Joe Berry's COCAL Updates +

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Updates in brief and links

  • A good short discussion about strikes and general strikes, public and private. Appropriate for us and for Mayday. Did you go out and make noise May Day?
  • Late checks and disrespect? Do what these adjuncts did. Kalamazoo Valley CC (MI)  contingents start a blog, collect signatures and file for union recognition with AFT local.
  • International Student Movement: Discussion related to the GLOBAL EDUCATION STRIKE
  • especially on MAY DAY: A reminder of the roots of May Day and why it is both dangerous and important to teach about it (and other labor history) and more on May Day. What a difference did MayDay make?
  • More on the April 201, 2012, workshop and "Teach-in on Adjunct Faculty" at Green River College, WA, featuring Jack Longmate and Frank Cosco, moderated by Keith Hoeller and Kathryn Re
    Video edited by Dave Prenovost available for viewing. One highlight is Keith's reading of a statement of support from Cornel West at about the 0:01:00 mark.  Jack Longmate's portion, "The Overload Debate: Conflict of Interest between Full- and Part-time Faculty" begins at 0:20:30 is synchronized with a set of PPT slides ~ copies available on line. Frank Cosco, president of the Vancouver Community College Faculty Association, speaks on "Abolishing the Two-track System"; his remarks begins at about the 0:06:00 mark.
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