Monday, May 21, 2012

Joe Berry's COCAL Updates, Mid-May

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Updates in brief and links

Around the Adjunctiverse
Susan Schacher, of Peralta CCD, Laney College, Oakland, CA gets major award.
In her 24th year as a part time temporary instructor and contingent activist at Laney College, Susan is the recipient of the Margaret Quan Part Time Advocate of the Year award presented by the FACCC, the Faculty Association of the California Community Colleges.  

  • Watch for the Adjunct Tour interview: Duquesne adjuncts to request voluntary union recognition with USW and university declines to recognize union
  • More from Debra Leigh Scott, finishing Day 2 on the road with the Adjunct Tourblogging about disrespected adjuncts as being like stupid sluts at 'Junct Rebellion.
  • Why adjuncts unionize, Kalamazoo College MI and their blog Raritan Valley CC (NJ) adjuncts eye raises 
  • Utah Valley U adjuncts protest new requirement to reapply for their jobs each semester, more here
  • A Gannett story on adjunct faculty use at ULM
  • Collection of back posts on Chronicle adjunct / community college blog, The 2-year Track
  • A somewhat limited but unnerving, ominous article on contracted academic "coaches" and the company supplying them
  • Washington State union adjunct gives unemployment benefits advice.Another (Business Insider) PhD adjunct [from UC Berkeleyon food stamps and yet another (newser, a conservative content mill) recycle the original Chronicle article. Finally, NPR (where it has been replicated on NPR sites across the country) 
HigherEd, Mundo Bizarro

  • AFL-CIO blog on Rutgers study on recent grad debt and unemployment, also see comments
  • Yet more on consequences of student debt [in depth story, no mention of us contingents]
  • A passes new regulations governing for-profits
  • Federal consumer board investigating for-profit Corinthian
  • CUNY (NY) activists fight for greater access, lower tuition and fees,  and roughed up by cops, in Alternet. Ed (not Joe) note: Alternet runs excellent articles on higher education and labor issues: following highly recommended. Consider spending comment time there to get heard outside the Ivory Silo™ of highered media.
  • Severe police attacks on Quebec student strike demonstrators, another account, an adjunct union's evaluation of the "deal" and a good summary update article on the whole Quebec anti-tuition struggle 

Taking Action

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