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Joe Berry's COCAL Updates, late May

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Updates in brief and links

Around the Adjunctiverse

'Junct Tour is home again! Catch up with road trip posts on 2255 Films, Chris LaBree's blog, the Homeless Adjunct and 'Junct Tour Event page.

Josh Boldt has a post about media aggregation on the Adjunct Project plus new Forum and Job Board 

Carol Leitner, former Westchester CC adjunct sues, says she was fired for expressing opinions (which included support for Arizona's controversial 2010 immigration law, and student complaints.)

Rowan AFT adjunct union endorses no-merger with Rutgers-Camden resolution

To the North, toute Québécquerie

 Quebec student strike as an example, "lessons from a Maple Spring" (AlterNet) of why US students need real student unions; Quebec student strike celebrates 100th day (Occupy Theoryand Red River of Protest (Common Dreams)

Sea of red as hundreds of thousands protest Quebec's austerity cuts and new anti-protest law, May 22, 2012. (Photo by @philmphoto on instagram) 

  • Appeal for action and support to oppose extreme repression of free speech and assembly rights in Quebec against long-running student strike against tuition increases from Max Silverman, student at UQAM and former McGiller - Request for solidarity and support for the Legal Committee of the CLASSE  
  • Quebec Student Strike gets spread on Right-Wing TV
  • Statement on the Quebec Student Strike by Fightback (Canada) and La Riposte (Quebec), Tuesday, 22 May
Due South: Chicago 
Also not directly contingent faculty related, (BlogEd note: however, various Chicago contingent faculty groups participated and were active in planning), Joe writes, 
"the Chicago protest is such an extremely important and historic, event that I want to make sure no one on my Update list misses it. Also, having lived in Chicago for many years and also been present for the 1968 police riot at the Democratic National Convention then, it has special significance to me. Some authors of the news release are personal friends, so I would vouch for their reliability. There is also a report from fellow contingent activist Chet Kulis in Chicago, pictures of the vets throwing back their medals and a video showing police violence."
Going really South
Especially for those going to COCAL X in Mexico, here is the best compilation of Mexican labor news and analyses.

The state of higher education...
Illinois AAUP makes Summer Institute Scholarships available. May 8, Lee Maltby, Recorder, writes members, 
"This year the AAUP annual Summer Institute will take place in Chicago, July 26-29, at Roosevelt University in downtown Chicago. In order to encourage attendance at the Institute and to support those members who want to build an effective chapter at their institution, the Illinois AAUP state council is willing to reimburse up to $400 for each attendee (for a total of ten scholarships). Priority will be given to those members who have not attended the Institute and who are seeking to develop a chapter at their institution." 
Eligible Illinois members should contact the Illinois AAUP for a information about requesting support to attend the Institute.  Registerthis form.  For further information on the Summer Institute, go to this link.

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