Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Reading Room: the mission of academic work

 And if there are not enough #highered links here for you, Joe Berry's next set of COCAL Updates awaits. This is handy for me, overwhelmed by being all round left behind online ~ not in any Apocalyptic sense ~ just the old fashioned 'how will I ever catch up?' one. Recycling Ominvore (complete with nifty graphic) gives me breathing space before tackling AAUP elections, CFHE's Week of Action (eek, next week!) and other longer-than-this posts ~ and time to catch up on other networks and other sections of this one.

From Fast Capitalism, a special section on Academia in the Internet Age. From History of Intellectual Culture, John R. Thelin (Kentucky) and Richard W. Trollinger (Centre): "Forever is a Long Time": Reconsidering Universities’ Perpetual Endowment Policies in the Twenty-First Century. UC-Davis Chancellor Linda Katehi is a bona fide 1-percenter — when did executive pay at public universities get so high? .... Humanities and public life: Teresa Mangum explains how a new book series aims to promote a broader sense of the mission of academic work.

Read the rest of the mission of academic work - / omnivore

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