Monday, April 2, 2012

Reading Room: College in the 21st century

Again Omnivore, the Book Forum blog for the omnivorous reader, presents yet another excellent collection of briefly annotated, (sometimes loosely) themed links, this set on higher education. Recent topics include war, learning from the Great Depression, northeast Asia, math, health care, the nature of messages (very loosely, almost whimsically themed) and endings ~ perhaps even more so. 

Education, especially higher, is a regular theme. Selections cut across scholarly, book reviews, academic and non-academic sources, social media and just social, economics, scholarly and less so topics, the subculture, its future and more. The tone, sources and perspective stand in stark contrast to Joe Berry's COCAL Updates. Taken together, with a Michael Meranze links post from Remaking the University thrown in for good measure: the highered beat as well and more thoroughly covered than by any major higher ed media. 

Jan Steyaert (Fontys): Scholarly Communication and Social Work in the Google Era. Ed note: Don't miss this one » Mark Edmundson (Virginia): Under the Sign of Satan: William Blake in the Corporate University. A review of Confronting Managerialism: How the Business Elite and Their Schools Threw Our Lives Out of Balance by Robert R. Locke and J. C. Spender. 
From Liberal Education, a special issue on the Completion Agenda. Making a Public Ph.D.: How, specifically, do you put together a program that will prepare graduate students for nonacademic careers? From On the Human, Raymond Tallis on a suicidal tendency in the humanities. Andy Delbanco on the role of college in the 21st century: Who gets to go to college, and why does liberal education still matter? 

Tweet, Loc. Cit.: MLA has a format for citing Twitter? Scott McLemee looks at the shape of scholarly conversations to come. Is college cursing America with an epidemic of hipsters? Inside Dartmouth's hazing abuses: A Dartmouth degree is a ticket to the top — but first you may have to get puked on by your drunken friends and wallow in human filth.

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