Friday, April 20, 2012

Keeping up with California, #futureof HE

... in many senses of the word and, over the years, in different ways, from the California Master Plan to its meltdown. Michael Meranze's Links for April 18, 2012 from Reclaiming the University (even if does seem sometimes like a link farm around here)
Chris Newfield has a new piece in the Chronicle of Higher Education: "How Unequal State Support Diminishes Degree Attainment" 
CSU faculty, librarians, and counselors begin voting on rolling strike
UC Davis Police Chief Spicuzza retires effective Thursday.

UC admitted over 40% more out of state and international students in next year's entering class
CSU may eliminate cash grants that help support up to half of its grad students. 
David Crane's students think that the state should make UC go private. 
Is UC Berkeley going to have to cover millions of dollars of losses on the new football stadium? 
Berkeley joins with venture capitalists, University of Michigan, and ivy league institution in new online start-up.

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