Sunday, April 29, 2012

Joe Berry's COCAL Updates, 29April12

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  • CA Faculty Assoc. takes strike vote for entire CSU system. Would be unprecedented faculty strike in size in CA and maybe nationally (counter examples are hereby solicited from historically minded)
  • See The student newspaper at Cal State Long Beach had a great article on the strike vote that directly highlighted CFHE and the week of action
  • For another strike vote story and picture, see this LA Times article:
  • Or for more pictures and information go to the CFA website!  
  • California CC Chancellor's office declared two-tier tuition (for residents) illegal

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  • August 9-12: Tenth Conference on Contingent Academic Labor (COCAL X). Early discounted registration ends June 1, 2012. Details (dates, agenda, housing, registration and costs) for the upcoming COCAL X conference on COCAL International website. The call for papers (presentations) is now out and proposals are due May 15. See submission details online. Get updates and get in contact with other COCAL supporters at our COCAL Facebook page,
  • Unsettling but telling contrast in US press coverage between French and US elections. Are there lessons here for how the press frames our issues in higher ed? [such as making the extreme privatization and casualization trends of US seem normal here, but covering them differently, if at all, overseas]. The question, of course, is how to change or challenge this press frame.
  • Update on massive Quebec student strike against huge tuition increases

  • Scientific American article supports what most of us in the union movement have long said, as wealth goes up, empathy declines [or "the rich are different from you and me, they have more money..." and less empathy for others.]
  • Jill Biden makes over $80,000/year, but not as an adjunct, it turns out.
  • Portland CC asking FT and PT English teachers to pay back money "overpaid" to them
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