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Joe Berry's COCAL Updates 16April12

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Updates in brief and with links: emailed Apr16; reformatted, edited for web Apr19

AAUP Election Results Reflect Backlash Against Recent Leadership Decisions 1
AAUP Election Results Reflect Backlash Against Recent Leadership Decisions: Election results (including released late Wednesday showed that all seven members of a slate calling itself "AAUP Organizing for Change" easily won races for the association's top posts, by Peter Schmidt, Chronicle. Incoming AAUP President, Rudy H. Fichtenbaum, Chronicle photo by Leonardo Carrizo  

Taking Action...

Bill Barry (shown here with Mother Jones) has come out with a new book, Union Strategies for Hard Times,  to address every situation an organizer, or an organizing program would confront trying to rebuild the union movement. (PS, love the Labor Studies program tees: "Danger! Educated Union Member")

 The book, 130 pages long, is based on the experiences of many organizers and covers in every topic three different areas—private sector unions, public sector unions and building trades—and includes materials that have been developed both for real campaigns and for organizers' training sessions that Barry has run. The book is $17.00 and can be ordered from me (4204 Elsrode Avenue, Baltimore, MD 21214) or from Union Communications, Inc. in Annapolis. Discounts for orders of more than 10 copies.

#SpeakOut4highered #WeekofAction: National Week of Action for Higher Ed press relase from Coalition for the Future for Higher Education as published here on the New Faculty Majority blog 

On acting like a union even without dues checkoff of a contract or a law 

.. which still matters because ... 
  • New anti-Occupy law threatens right of assembly  (In These Times; NFM Ed note: Update from original emailing not used because it was too long, no link and not from a public source)
  • Section 273a of Michigan's education appropriations bill seeks to ban universities and colleges from any collaboration with worker centers. H-Labor post includes links to articles and petition.
  • On acting like a union even without dues checkoff of a contract or a law 
  • Another teacher fired (for teaching about Trayvon Martin), without tenure or a union. Read morehere and sign a petition. Shows again why we need job security and unions. 
  • University of Oregon challenges faculty right to have a union that represents all faculty, TT and NTT  
Around the Adjunctiverse...
  • Adjunct, contingent faculty activist and New Faculty Majority member Jack Longmate asks accreditor to act in ongoing dispute with college and union in Washington State. 
  • College of DuPage (IL) administration asks for givebacks from FT faculty union. Spares other unions, for now 
  • Jill Biden speaks to NEA Today about CC's  [but we are again left out]
  • Does retirement wave coming in California CC's mean FT jobs for partimers?
  • Ana Maria Fores Tamayo's Better pay for adjuncts petition at SignOn. Sign it NOW and get your friends to sign too because Maria is not giving up until she gets enough names. 
  • Tour promoting "Homeless Adjunct" movie "Junct" in production, interviewing contingent faculty across the country, raising awareness and production funding and promoting the New Faculty Majority, Debra Leigh Scott and Chris LaBree
  • For Profit Argosy U cuts online adjunct pay
Email, to subscribe to regular updates in brief and links by email.  More about Joe Berry.  Updates are also archived at Follow COCAL International on Facebook 

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