Friday, April 13, 2012

Joe Berry's COCAL Updates 10April12

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Updates in brief and links
Global Labor

Current issue of World Wide Work, Matt Witt's compilation of good labor related literature, music, film etc. Published by the American Labor Center, an independent nonprofit founded in 1979. Subscribe to receive copies by email.

Global Unions adopt principles on temporary agency work and call for good, secure jobs for all

For anyone who has ever taught a subcontracted class, see new global union principles on temp agencies: Global Union Principles on Temporary Work

Campaign for the Future of Higher Ed

  • CFHE's Week of Action begins Monday April 16. What are you doing? Here are some ideas from AAUP
  • From Campaign for the Future of Higher Ed: first Think Tank report released on community college access  
  • This article in Inside HigherEd on the report (above) contains a link to the first report coming out of the Center for the Future of Higher Education, the Think Tank affiliated with the Campaign for the Future of Higher Education.  It focuses on the attack on community college access and highlights the fact that 70% of the faculty at community colleges is part-time. The next report out of the Think Tank will focus on contingent faculty working conditions, specifically unprofessional hiring practices and their detrimental effects on students and faculty.
  • Backstory: more testimony on Fisher legislation, Colorado Adjunct Tenure Project. recently signed into law
  • More on court decision striking down parts of Wisconsin "Walker" law restricting collective bargaining
  • Report on contingent bargaining session at Center for Study of Collective Bargaining in HE and the Professions conference at Hunter CUNY, Inside HigherEd  
  • Part-Time Faculty at Columbia College April Fool's Day newsletter
  • Adjunct Project crowd-sourcing project has generated a data storm: Data Storm, Kaustuv Basu, Inside HigherEd
  • A very sad story of whistle-blowing by one contingent lecturer on another at CSU (CA)
  • Another Adjunct Hero showcased in The Education of Oronte Churm column, Inside HigherEd
  • Disposable professors... compromise education quality, AlterNet
  • Policy Basics: Where Do Our Federal Tax Dollars Go?  View the full policy here and here  
  • Current edition of the anti-greed newsletter, Too Much 
  • More on Santa Monica College charging more for a guaranteed seat in an overfilled class. 
  • Maria M comments, "Good story that notes that the book in question, Paying the Professoriat, mentions but does not deeply analyze the global trend toward contingency in depth.  AAUP and NFM reps quoted on the subject of contingency, NYTimes 
  • An adjunct dreams of winning the lottery, a good story from a newsletter, held waiting permission to publish
  • CA state agency is failing to enforce laws on for-profit vocational schools
  • A new play on the morality of for-profit colleges, Chronicle 
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