Saturday, April 14, 2012

Double COCAL Updates? NOW #CFHE #action4highered

What happened here? A hiccup somewhere in cyberspace When the usual Updates post by email,  already delayed too by yesterday's breaking news, did not post, I re-posted directly to blogger. 

Catch current Updates here. Take this opportunity to read the ones you missed. I'll take it to remind you (yes, again) about CFHE's Week of Action (the higher ed kind). No doubt, you've noticed that Joe's Updates mention the action regularly.

We want to hear what you and your area groups are doing to share with readers and on social media. If you think (or hear), "But what I do that will make a difference?" ~ just remember that many actions all over the country, online and in daily life add up to more than a big parade with press conference and marching bands. Sharing them increases the effect: the whole is greater than the parts. For our part, we'll be posting CFHE materials, writing about our involvement in Think Tank research, tagging posts and appropriate links #action4highered or another. I am still auditioning #hashtag candidate. Please send yours over for a reading.

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