Thursday, April 12, 2012

CO Governor signs Contingent Faculty legislation

Just in from Don Eron, news too good & too important not to share immediately with as many #adjuncts/#contingent faculty as possible. Pass it on on tables...

Don writes, 

Colorado HB 12-1144, the Contingent Faculty Bill, was signed into law this afternoon.


The photograph was taken after our post-signing wind-down strategy session. On my right is long-time contingent activist Suzanne Hudson, my partner in all things; on my left is Representative Randy Fischer of Ft. Collins, who wrote the legislation; on Representative Fischer's left is Sue Doe. In my left breast pocket, undetected by the camera, is the Governor's pen, one of several  used in signing this historic legislation. 

More information and pictures, including of the signing on the Colorado AAUP website

We did it

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  1. Wonderful news. Can you come to California for new legislature? We could sure use a team such as this one.California adjuncts are in pain with all these state budget cuts! Thank you for making history!


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