Thursday, March 15, 2012

Virtual Meet & Greet: CPFA, NTT Faculty of the California #CommunityCollege system

... because getting to know one another ~ individuals, groups, networks ~ is part of building an NTT academic labor network and connecting existing networks for contingent academic labor. The fragmentation that has isolated us can become our strength as nodes on distributed networks, interconnected, sharing information and learning from one another, with no single organization, central hub, network or even ring to rule them all. 
I'm starting with CPFA because I grabbed the information when working a recent post. The overflowing feed reader, social media and correspondence make for a sizable if incomplete scratch list, which should be the next post. Feel free to add to it ~ tell us about community online or off in your corner of the adjunctiverse. Suggest new ways to meetup or new twists on old ways. 

California Part-time Faculty Association

Serving over 46,000 Non-tenure Track Faculty in California Community Colleges.

CPFA has been advocating for Part-time faculty in California since 1998. This group spearheaded AB 591, which passed the state legislature and allows contingent faculty to teach 67%. We currently advocate for AB 852, the due process, rehire rights bill and AB 383, limiting full-time faculty to 50% overloads. Please join us in our effort to improve teaching and learning conditions in California.

The CPFA 2012 Annual Conference will be held Saturday, May 5th, 2012
at Riverside Community Collge.
Make your plans now!

Online Registration now open!
Check out the new CPFA Reading list. This list began on CPFA's El chorro listserv and is now live on the web. There is a form available for you to add a book of interest to the list. There are also links to purchase the books online. A small portion of each purchase you make through the links goes directly to support CPFA!
Read our latest Community College Journal!
Share this information with your colleagues and follow CPFA on Facebook!


  1. Thank you for publicizing our May conference! This is not only a wonderful opportunity to learn from our informative workshops, but also to connect with other part-time teachers and activists who share your interests.

    Please consider joining CPFA to assist in our cause ... our only funding to support legislation and lobbying in Sacramento comes from your memberships!

    Pamela Hanford
    Director of Publications
    California Part-time Faculty Association

  2. Pamela, although the schedule looks very much cpfa business oriented, I can't help thinking the conference is well situated to be "Part-timers National West" or whatever designation. Travel to the east coast is just not realistic for most part or even full time NTT's your side of the Rockies ~ or even the Great Plains. Maybe worth talking up with out of state attendees.

    Just adding final touches to "Storifying" a Left Forum panel. I think the same might suit for covering "Trenches."


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