Sunday, March 4, 2012

Reading Room: about reading highered + links of my own

Yes indeed, Joe Berry's COCAL Updates, Omnivore and Michael Meranze's "In case you missed it..." (Remaking the University) links are fine and dandy, but I have a feed reader too and links of my own, collected here for a change. This might also explain why I might miss articles in IHE and CHE and run short of time to pore over comments. News Flash! Not everyone in the universe checks them or even the Grey Lady first thing.

So much more is written about higher education, contingent workplace conditions, education and the economy than on just those august pages. Depending on either or even both for all your higher and other education news is just another way to stay trapped in the Ivory Silo©. Think too of the great adjunct writing online that doesn't make it into those pages. Why let commercial, advertising soliciting gatekeepers dictate what you read? Look for the Adjunct Label...


Remember the ILGWU's "Look for the Union Label" campaign? What about "Read the Independently Adjunct Written"? If not for having outgrown the compulsion to theory (living in an isolated rural town will do that for you), I'd natter on about subalterns speaking. Simply and pragmatically put, making own reading choices i(it's not a syllabus with required readings set by some authority), sharing and contributing to them help grow strong, independent adjunct networks. Making new connections and weak connections stronger is yet another collaborative activity. Think what a fine time we are having following Josh Boldt's Adjunct Project. There are a lot more out there to feast on together. Send me your favorites to share here. 

So much for the lecture (drinks before dinner) and now for soup (m©ember news) and links (main course). Should I offer virtual dessert at the end?

Don Eron's Pitch for Your Vote for AAUP 2nd VP. This is not an NFM endorsement. We will post information as it comes our way but expect AAUP members to do their own homework and make informed voting decisions. Now that Don has a page of his own, we can post the link and let the page speak for Don. Other candidates are welcome to send statements, links etc. Otherwise, just refer to statements on the AAUP Candidates page 

And the rest of the links
  • Menand in New Yorker as Critic at larger, overview of "what's wrong with with higher ed" books and such, not new: catch it now if you missed it the 1st time around. If not, still worth re-reading 
  • One stop shopping for Henry Giroux (including essay on why faculty should get involved in Occupy) 
  • Mac McClellend, MoJo article on shipping warehouse precariat (why the precariat may not always be able to but should resist the siren call of Amazon and cheap online shopping whenever possible)
  • Human cost of Apple iPad: same business model and what the Apple system has to with education
  • Wanted: technicians, not thinkers, blog post by Ann Larson, related to previous links on workplace and education. Goes to critique of SSTF recently brought up by Pamela Hanson on Contingent Academic Discussion List (with a post on it waiting in drafts for final touches)
  • Corporatization in US education (not just a K-12 issue + Left Forum theme later this month), from The Guardian. So why doesn't the Grey Lady (NB: reference to NYT by commonly known nic) cover ed and especially higher as well as The Guardian?

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