Sunday, March 18, 2012

#Junct at #LeftForum

The continuing adventures of intrepid filmmakers, Chris the Nomad and Debra the Homeless Adjunct, as they traverse the wilds of campuses, conferences and other treacherous corners of the uncharted adjunctiverse...

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Video will be posted sometime this week: #LeftForum #OccupyColleges #Junct
My friend Scott shot some footage of the  OccupyColleges panel at the @LeftForum yesterday. Currently rendering it out. Post will follow.
Liberal Scholars and Activists Take On the Corporatization of Academe - The Chronicle of Higher Education
In the shadow of marches and small pockets of Occupy Wall Street activities that have continued despite the protestors' eviction from Zuc...
2255 FILMS: It’s good to be a panelist2255 FILMS: It’s good to be a panelist
This year's panel went much better than last's. I should have known it was going to be a good day between the impeccable weather...
2255 FILMS: It’s good to be a panelist #LeftForum
But back to the beginning...
Left ForumLeft Forum
A unique phenomenon in the U.S. and the world, Left Forum convenes the largest annual conference of a broad spectrum of left and progress...
Last Call: @LeftForum #OccupyColleges: Rescuing #HigherEd from Corporatized Uni. Mar17, 12PM Room E323. #Junct
Waiting on my partner in crime @DebraLeighScott to review the 30 minutes I have of #junct. Need to trim down to 10 for the #LeftForum
Here at @LeftForum 30 minutes until our panel #OccupyColleges room E323 at noon. #Junct #2255Films
This is us looking official @LeftForum
Occupy Colleges: Rescuing Higher Education from the Corporatized University | Left Forum
The panel will investigate some of the many ways we are pushing back against the corporate colonization of academic culture. Fighting to ...
Panel @LeftForum
Audience @LeftForum #Junct #OccupyColleges
First up Brianne. Student from temple university
Click to Listen - Student Debt, A Necessary Evil The sun was shining all day as folks came out to Occupy Wall Street NYC to discuss and d...
Got a packed house! #LeftForum #OccupyColleges
Brianne talking about the point of solidarity amongst the students #LeftForum #OccupyColleges #Junct

There's more! Read the rest at #Junct at #LeftForum on Storify

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