Friday, March 2, 2012

Joe Berry's COCAL Updates 3Mar12

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Note: Please participate in the March 1-8 week of action called nationally by Occupy. For details see Occupy Edu on Tumblr and Occupy Education CA. Check your local area for more details.


Updates in Brief and Links

1. Workers, supported by their union, United Electrical Workers (UE),  re-occupy former Republic Windows and Doors plant (now Serious Materials) in Chicago [video]   to stop closure and save jobs. [Could contingent faculty consider occupation as a tactic?Press release, "Workers Strike a Deal to Try and Save Jobs." Contact:  Leah Fried, UE Organizer  773-550-3022 ,

2. New study from UC Berkeley shows for-profits taking up slack for public institutions cutbacks, with quality falling as a result, "the Brazilian effect" (Inside HigherEd)

3. Yet another Chicago building occupation, this one of a school slated for closure. (Labor Notes)

4. March 1 Action in Chicago at East-West and Columbia and Pfac update on situation at Columbia College Chicago here, from Pfac Executive Committee.

5. Upcoming at Left Forum, March 16-18,  in NYC: 
Panels on for-profit higher ed, including Joe Berry talking about organizing faculty and staff in these institutions; Susan O'Malley and Richard Ohmann from Radical Teacher magazine; Debra Leigh Scott's panel on raising awareness about issues through film and the arts; and more. More details, registration, schedule and conference information at Left Forum

6. Blog post on overloads, FTTT faculty and unions

7. Letter to all friends of Workplace: The Journal of Academic Labor (formed at the first COCAL conference).   

Dear Friends of Workplace,
         We recognize that tough times can also become auspicious times for academic labor, activists and intellectuals writ large.  We encourage you to continue your activism on all fronts, by submitting manuscripts to Critical Education and Workplace, and by following, circulating or commenting at the Workplace blog and Wayne's legendary Where the Blog Has No Name.

Thank you again for your support,
Faculty of Education, University of British Columbia, 2125 Main Mall, 
Vancouver, BC V6T 1Z4, Canada. Tel# 604-822-283

8. Adjunct Organizing Committee (part of TAUP/AFT) calls off their certification petition effort, for now.

9. More on for-profits: new lobbying strategy by new trade group exec and new info on for-profit exec pay in Britain (Inside Higher Ed)

Email, to subscribe to regular updates in brief and links by email. More about Joe Berry, COCAL, publications, links.  

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