Sunday, March 4, 2012

SSTF vs REAL Student Success

Here is a forward from the CPFA discussion group via Pamela Hanford, CPFA Director of Publications and editor of CPFA's Community College Journal.  Clearly this is part and parcel of the same process that standardizes curricula, turns teachers into facilitators and imposes the for-profit model on public education... oh, and kills the spirit too in both teachers teaching to the model as well as students conforming to it.  It works both ways: learning conditions are teaching conditions too. 

Keep the COMMUNITY in College. Read Nick Vasallo's letter below, watch the video, sign the petition, and share! Visit and like REAL Student Success on Facebook.

You may or may not be aware of the frightening things that are going on which will greatly affect the future of community colleges in California. These changes will have an even more dramatic effect upon the Fine Arts Dept. Several Gavilan students and faculty formed a group called "REAL Student Success" to create awareness of the dangerous goals outlines by the "Student Success Task Force." I figure that the best way to create awareness is to make something go viral. Nothing goes viral like a YouTube video. I made the following video in hopes you would all share it with friends, colleagues and most importantly *students.

Please take the time to watch this informative video and share it on various media outlets (Facebook, Twitter, class email list, etc.) We have also started a petitionto stop the The Student Success Task Force

Press Release ~ CPFA Response to the Student Success Task Force Report
 Printable copy 

Pamela Hanford, M.A., English
CPFA Director of Publications
Community College Journal
P.O. Box 1836, Sacramento, CA  95812

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  1. Our entire community paid for and continues to pay for our community colleges. The bond measures went for new buildings-which are now largely unused due to courses cut, while admin. numbers and salaries go up. To revert back to Jr. Colleges-cutting the community out of the very classes they tend to take-art, music, dance, theater, PE, creative writing, photography,etc. while focusing all money and attention on 18-20 year olds, basic skills-for those who were not adequately prepared in K-12, traditional transfer courses-(though the above listed all are too), and the 3 R's is to ignore the very reason we have community colleges.


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