Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Going to #CCCC? Call for networking


#adjunct/#contingentfaculty, put your networks to work! 
For anybody who's a current CCCC member and...
Seth Kahn
For anybody who's a current CCCC member and will be in St. Louis on Saturday morning--the CCCC Labor Caucus has submitted a resolution calling on CCCC to establish a Contingent Faculty Travel Fund (see resolution text). I have a hunch we're going to need to muster as many votes as we can. So PLEASE, if you're in town and a CCCC member, attend the Business Meeting and VOTE. 
And please, even if you're not a member, canvass members to attend and vote (because that's how networks roll...)

 Thanks in advance
PS Seth, keep us posted on CCCC and resolution outcome. Tweeting or following CCCC 2012? Remember the hashtag, #4C12

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