Friday, February 24, 2012

Joe Berry's COCAL Updates, 23Feb12

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COCAL Updates in brief and links Capeheart v. NEIU: continuing free-speech/ academic freedom struggle at Northeastern IL U  ~ see below
  1. Santorum defends for-profits, Inside HigherEd
  2. Victory for union as U of Michigan Trustees oppose bill to forbid grad research assistants from unionizing, over the objections of senior administrators, Inside HigherEd 
  3. Economic numbers to die for [we are far from alone in suffering in this economy]
  4. For-profit higher ed and the Occupy movement and a new crack down on the for-profits  
  5. Pasadena City College students protest class cuts and adjunct layoffs  
  6. In case you have not heard, Occupy national congress set for July in Philly and more about it in WaPo. [Contingent faculty should be there!]
  7. Learning from Finland by Diane Ravitch  (and I wonder what their higher ed looks like too)
  8. Sue Doe of NFM testifies to Colorado state legislature about us.  
  9. Tenured professor fired at Indiana U, South Bend More on Columbia College union, PFAC, NLRB charges against Columbia Collge administration
Updates in full

Monday, 2/27, 5pm PST-7pm CST-8pm EST: Strategy conference call on Prof. Loretta Capeheart's lawsuit/struggle. Dial-in Number: (712) 775-7100, Access 416706#

Lee Sustar writes, 

Dear friends,
I'm writing to ask you for your help in a struggle that has far-reaching implications for the free speech of everyone who works in public higher education--and labor rights in general. As you may know, Prof. Loretta Capeheart of Northeastern Illinois University in Chicago has been waging a long battle not only against an unjust denial of the position of chairperson of her department, but also for academic freedom and free speech for public employees. That's because NEIU is attempting to use the 2006 Garcetti decision of the U.S. Supreme Court to justify its treatment of Loretta.

Loretta's article, based on a recent speech at the Chicago Coalition Against the Corporatization of Higher Education meeting, explains what's at stake. With a federal appeals court decision expected in April, the time is now to pressure NEIU to do the right thing and settle out of court.

I hope you can join us. Best, Lee Sustar, 773-425-6684
Email, to subscribe to regular updates in brief and links by email. More about Joe Berry, COCAL, publications, links. 

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