Sunday, February 19, 2012

Introducing: Joe Berry's COCAL Updates

We are pleased to announce a new feature here on the New Faculty Majority's blog: Joe Berry's COCAL Updates, excerpted from Joe Berry's well known email list aggregating news and information about COCAL, labor, organizing NTT faculty labor and other contingent faculty issues. 


Joe has been doing the list longer than 10 years, since the first Campus Equity Week (CEW) and the founding of COCAL in Chicagofor a more complete picture of Joe's extensive background in higher ed, labor and academic labor organizing, check out this (somewhat outdated since he's in Berkeley now, not Chicago) bio page for Joe. 

Email to subscribe to the complete COCAL Updates

"Access to Unemployment Insurance Benefits for Contingent Faculty", by Berry, Stewart and Worthen, published by Chicago COCAL, 2008. Order from Email or call number above for bulk orders.

"Reclaiming the Ivory Tower: Organizing Adjuncts to Change Higher Education". by Joe Berry, is out  (2005) from Monthly Review Press and North American Alliance for Fair Employment. Full information online at individual sales, bulk ordering discounts, or to invite me to speak at an event. 


See Chicago Coalition of Contingent Academic Labor for news, contacts and links related to non-tenure track, "precarious" faculty.

See Tenth (X) Conference on Contingent Academic Labor for the biennial conference this year in Mexico City, August 10-12, at Univ. Nacional Auto. de Mexico (UNAM), Mexico City 

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